Ceramic mug - grey/cream

Ceramic mug, only partially glazed for a raw touch.

Every piece is 100% handmade in Slovenia.

Approx. Dimensions:
Height: 8 cm / 3.15''
Diameter: 10 cm / 3.9''
It can hold approx.: 300 ml / 8.8 ounces

Microwave / dishwasher / food safe  

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Unique design without handles for a raw yet delicate style.
Each mug is homemade and unique with its own little imperfections that in the end make it perfect!

Perfect for your morning tea, coffee, cappucino or to share a hot beverage with your students after a Nirvana® class.

3 different colours to choose from:
1. Dark / dark glaze 
2. Dark / blue glaze 
3. Grey / creamy glaze

Made of light grey stoneware clay and glazed with silk creamy glaze.

Printed with Nirvana® logo on the upper outside part.

Unique design with no handles, so you can hold your cup with both hands ...