Nirvana® Stone diffusers

A set of 7 clay stones with Nirvana® intentions that can be used for aromatherapy during your Nirvana classes or just to decorate and remind you the important things in life!

Handmade in Slovenia.

App. 4cm long.
Mix of different natural colours.


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The stones are made of clay and not glazed. Clay in such a state dries quickly, so it's ideal as an evaporator. 
Because the stone don't need any additional heat source, the chemical structure of the essential oild stays unchanged.

Simply put a few drops of essential oil onto the stones. They will absorb the essential oil and slowly release the aroma for a few hours (4-6 hours depending on the quality of the oil). 
It can be used anywhere, during your Nirvana practice, in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, in your car, in your bag ...

The stone can be easily cleaned with dishwashing liquid or in a dishwasher.

* The stones are sold without the Nirvana bowl and without essential oil.