Nirvana® Pine Hydrolat

50 mL spray
Made in Slovenia, from bio pine


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Pine ( Pinus Sylvestris L.) hydrolat (hydrosol) is used to treat rheumatism, muscular pain or injury, gout, bronchial infection, sinus congestion, fatigue, mental and nervous exhaustion.
It is suitable for children and adults.

Hydrolats are water by-product of the steam-distilled flower, it contains the plant distillates, which can help restore the pH balance of the skin. Hydrolats will have the same therapeutic properties as its essential oil, but is much gentler and safe to use.

Hydrolats can be used as tonic for skin care, to refresh fabric, but also in aromatherapy, sprayed in the air or on our clay stones.

Ingredient: Bio Pinus Sylvestris L. (Pine)